Consign with us

We want your gently used home furnishings to have an opportunity for a second home. Mountain Living Home Consignment makes it very easy for you to consign your furnishings, home decor, art, rugs and other items. We handle all of your furnishings with love and care.

What we offer our consignors:

Our goal is to sell your items quickly, efficiently and at the best price. With years of experience, we will give you a professional and realistic estimate of the value of your furnishings. To optimize value and salability we skillfully merchandise and display each of your items. Many items will be marketed in our online store, on social media and other unique ways. We currently offer pick up in North Lake, West Shore, and Truckee areas. We give you our commitment that we will do our very best. 

We do this by providing our customers with...

• Exceptional customer service, design expertise and years of retail experience

• Excellent walk-in traffic with 3,000+ sq. ft. of store front visibility
• Awesome boutique atmosphere and merchandising
• Easy accessibility with ample parking & optimal shopping hours

• Great affordability and value
• Creative and consistent marketing efforts
• Convenient pickup and delivery service
• Commitment to our customers, community and environment

We offer pickup service in the North and West Shore, 

Tahoe City, Incline and Truckee areas. 

Easy Steps to Consign:

  • Call us at 530-536-5046 or email us at and let us know what you wish to consign. 
  • We will either come to your home to preview items or you can send us photos via email.
  • We can accept items to consign at your home, at time of pickup or when delivered to our store. 
  • We will set an agreed upon fair market price. 
  • Items remain on display in our showroom for up to 45 days. 
  • Sellers receive 50% of the net sales price, payable on the 10th day of the following month after item is sold and during the contract period.
  • After 30 days, we offercustomers a 33% discount on items.
  • Consignors may pick-up items within seven (7) days following the contract expiration date. 


 We cannot accept any items that arrive in poor condition (damaged, stained, faded, scratched, pet or tobacco odor). Rugs should be professionally cleaned prior to arriving to our store. We reserve the right to refuse any items that we do not believe are marketable in our store. Mountain Living Home Consignment is not liable for damage, theft that may occur.